Hot shit.
Man that honey has a slammin ass on her.
That new ride is slammin MOFO.
by ive-ree August 26, 2003
Top Definition
1. adj. Something which is very good.
2. vt. to inject a drug intravenously
1. "Dude, this Lobster Bisque is SLAMMIN"
2. "SLAMMIN dope is not what it used to be."
by mainframe October 31, 2003
very attractive physically, tight body, etc.
That chick is slammin'!
by tbonk January 20, 2004
A term coined by the one and only Ethan Bradbury. Use to describe donuts and or bagels that are superb in quality and taste. Typically shouted at a level that shocks and terrifies the old and causes others to either walk away confused or give the person who used the term a bewildered look.
This donut is...SLAMMIN!!!!!!!!!!!
by Huffdaddy18 May 28, 2016
1. verb- eating great food at a rapid rate
2. verb- coitus
3. adj- used to compliment someone of incredible attractiveness
johnny: "I'm slammin this popeyes right now"
frankie: " I'm slammin your slammin bitch right now"
by slamminnigha November 19, 2014
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