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(1) To describe hardcore sex that can be defined as sick nasty, nailed to the wall, or railing of the opposite sex

(2) To describe someone of the opposite sex as extremely hot or doable.

(3) To describe an extremely satisfying action or situation.
Most preferably used as: Slambonein

Other uses:

(1) Slambone

(2) Slamboned

(3) Slamboneing

(4) Slamtastic

Example sentences:

(1) Damn that girl was slambonein!

(2) Damn, last night was a sick nasty, nailed to the wall, slambonein night!

(3) I was slambonein that girl last night!
by Rav8es July 14, 2009
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To forcefully fuck someone.
When she comes back, are you gonna slambone 'er? (hehe, "bone 'er")
by thepolytheist November 14, 2005
The best alternative for male genitalia; the bone in which you slam bits with.
"That girl just loves the slambone, she wants to go bang out."
"Yeah I'd stick my slambone in her"
"Enver, give me a break, I got a tiny slambone."
by setlax21 September 17, 2008

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