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A night out undertaken by a group of crazy drunk girls, lead by a President, Vice President and a Treasurer with the sole mission to wreak havoc on the spanish waiters in salsa bars!
"Come on girls its gonna be a slagorama night tonight!" or "I cant believe that last slagorama where you pulled that 14 year old boy!" and finally "Wow! Its morning lets go to 32 and scream their house down!"
by NonSlag January 04, 2006
A panoramic view of slags. To qualify, the view must entirely comprise slags or their male counterparts. For living example, go to any pub in Basingstoke and take a look around. New movies are being filmed in "slagoramic vision".
Upon entering a room: "Wow boys, look, it's a slagorama". Or "Look boys, slagoramic!".
by Roy McFloy December 29, 2003
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