Similiar to "homie" or "bizznatch."
"Sup, slagger,"
by Slagger1 October 04, 2002
Top Definition
One who is both a slacker and a loligagger
Look at Yeshiva's big man sitting at the table in the learning center; what a slagger!
by Person or Worsen March 12, 2010
to call someone a slag.
yo dont chat to that girl she is a slaggers
by starplus November 30, 2010

1. One who is a slag and proud of it. Derived from swagger + slag

2. One that posseses slagger

2. A excessively whorish/slaggish individual.
He/She has so much slagger!
by Goldie Kitty Kat May 26, 2010
1. somone who is despirate and likes to sleep with multiple sex partners to make he/she feel better about themselves.

2. someone who talks down to other people
"She's sucha a slagger."
by roflchill March 06, 2010

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