The funnest, best game in the history of the universe! Dragons, Dovahkiin, ladies with huge boobs, blood, skulls, moutains, armor, evil gods, 100s of missions, assassins, war, adventure, cliffs, death, undead, magic, college, marriage, FOOD, chickens, ghost horse, shouting, stores, getting drunk, getting high, decapitation, waterfalls, hidden treasure, ships, kings, queens, brides, dream worlds, flying skeletons, staffs and MUCH, MUCH MORE! its worth 60 bucks of the legendary edition! say goodbye to the sunshine because you wont be seeing it anytime soon while your at it, also say goodbye to your girlfriend/boyfriend, mom and dad, and your social life because that`s going, too! Bethesda Games has outdone themselves once again!
Marcy: I haven`t seen James he okay?
Tina: well, i cant say no...hes addicted to this new z-cube game or something called Skyrim.
Marcy: mother of god, bless his soul.
by smoshskyrimsoph July 23, 2013
The process of giving or receiving a rim-job at least one mile above ground level.
My girlfriend told me that I had to give her a Sky-rim before we landed.
by Delakar November 04, 2011
Skyrim is a dangerous virus that is discovered in 11-11-11 in Bethesda, US. The virus is actually an antibiotic created in bethesda Games Studios. It is supposed to treat the oblivion and morrowind disease, BUT apparently the antibiotics turned into a VIRUS that will infect 10million people in the US and millions more outside.

Getting the virus: The virus is spread through mouth, ear, internet, your mom/dad/sis/brother/aunt etc who has the oblivion or morrowind disease.

Initial contact with the virus: The person will spend 12 hours on the internet watching skyrim videos and topics.
1 hour later: The disease will get him/her
Initial contact with the virus: The person will spend 12 hours on the internet watching skyrim videos and topics.
1 hour later: The disease will get him/her

2.Lesser couples, due to breakups because of skyrim disease
3.lesser babies born, due to lesser couples
4.students start failing at school. Asian parents rages
5.Person starts speaking in weird languages(e.g. fusrodah)
6.Sex between couples decreased due to the increase 'side effects' from Skyrim, which made infected people download Skyrim Sex Mods on the internet to attempt to cure the disease.
7.The infected will not go outdoors, truant school lessons, lock in the room with the computer(and 50000 pizzas, coke etc) and some crack.
9. Daily routine will be 4hour sleep, 19 hour inside the world of skyrim and 1hour of masturbation
10. After 400 hours, the person finally dies of dehydration, lack of sleep and food, excessive boner/masturbation and two black eyes.
by Therift April 13, 2012
Giving a "rim job" at the height 10 000 feet or more. Usually preformed on a commercial airliner toilette
"Hey you! stop being such a guard dog, and come give me a skyrim!"

Really nice flying with you Thomas! Do you want a Skyrim?
by Skyrimmer December 15, 2011
Probably the most epic video game where fight dragons and are able to shoot fire out of your hands like a wizard. And you're the dovakiin or "Dragonborn" and born with the soul of a dragon. Again, totally wizard.
"yo meh, I was up all night fighting alduin in Skyrim."

"Dude, get a life your 24."

by Imperial wizard Joe December 28, 2011
The reason I haven't heard from my girlfriend in a month.
Friend: Hey, where's Susan?

Me: I got cock-blocked by Skyrim again...
by Mausie January 02, 2014
(Verb 1)

To put a horse into unusual gravity based situation
(Verb 2)
To overload a computer software with plugins


The name of both a region and a game in the 'The Elder Scrolls' video game series.
Very wide and shallow
(Verb 1)
Look at you skyrimming up this (hill)!
(Verb 2)
I'm going to skyrim my photoshop until it won't start up!
I have been playing Skyrim for hours! Exploring Skyrim is fun.

- Whoa, that's a huge pool!

x Yeah, but it's very skyrim.
- Oh, so you can't swim in it..
by McDucky July 28, 2014

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