Top definition is a website for gamers, roleplayers and other awesome people. It is free to join. It is basically like tumblr, facebook, and a few other sites smushed together. Unlike failbitch, it doesn't pry for your phone number at all.

You can also go on friending sprees without a risk of getting deleted. Because Skyrie doesn't delete anyone unless you break rules or harass people.

It's pretty great. Not laggy at all, nice chat system, and they even have a thing up for download for messaging better from your desktop. It's pretty awesome and popular as well. I'm pretty glad I found it.
Person 1: Damn, my Kiku got deleted, I'm so pissed off!

Person 2: Join , there's not a single risk of getting deleted, and you can find other people easier.
by Vash TriggerHappy Zwingli July 29, 2012
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