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A skydiver of such talent, skill, reputation and ego that his mere presence on a drop zone elicits a quiet hush of reverent respect, fear and/or mocking. Generally a huge asshole who thinks very highly of himself. Sometimes this self-respect is deserved, but more often than not, the SkyGod takes one decent accomplishment and plays it out for a decade or more. SkyGods often refer to themselves in the third person.
A SkyGod has their Parachutist cover photos framed, on their website and in their e-mail signature.
by jumperjim January 26, 2010
1.A great ruler of the sky.

2. nickname for scrotum
1. Bow down to the all-powerful sky god!

2. Oh yea baby, here comes the sky god!
by kerplow! August 07, 2006