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Verb: The act of raping an unsuspecting skydiver during free fall.

An act most commonly done by the original skyraper "Cruisey". The act is usually performed on a low level jumper or rookie. The sky dive is planned with the rookie being told that the will be performing a "Cat track". Once exiting the plane, the skyraper proceeds to "rear pound" the rookie in a very aggressive way. Similar to rape. The rookie completely unaware and too inexperienced to know what is going on, usually lets the entire Sky Rape be performed without any protest.
"Dude, Tom got totally Sky Raped by Cruisey on that last jump. Can't wait to see the footage!"
by Cruisey December 25, 2012
To message someone the instant he/she appears on skype.
*Bobby Ray is online*


Bobby Ray: Dude, no need to skyrape me, I was about to message you.
by mynameisblankisinusealready October 27, 2011

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