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Dropping stuff from the sky; usually from a plane.
You hear that dude who got 20 in the can for sky dropping ugles all around?
by defusious February 11, 2009
1. The greatest yet most unknown band ever not to succeed in the journey of music, recording, song writing, playing, and arrangement. However, they remain the most influential to every generation.

2. Although never having been recorded professionally, Sky Droppings has released numerous albums that no one has ever heard in the same way. Each person that listens to a Sky Droppings album will hear it differently. They play what each individual wants to hear. Almost like they recorded it specifically for each fan separately.
def 1. example
Steve B...I created Sky Droppings and all you did was rip me off.

Kurt Cobain...I could never compete with you. Wheres my shotgun?

def 2. example
Mike...I love the lead in track 4.

Sherri...What lead?
by kwidgey September 11, 2009
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