A special branch at Lockheed Martin that used to and still does develop usually top secret airplanes for the US military. It was founded by Kelly Johnson. Their Insignia is a cartoon skunk.
The SR-71 Blackbird and U2 Dragon Lady spy planes were designed by Lockheeds' Skunk Works
#lockheed #blackbird #dragon lady #skunkworks #kelly johnson
by Salina Chan September 22, 2006
Top Definition
Refers to a project in development by a small group of people mainly for innovation.
Also is an official alias for the Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Programs and the name of a heavy metal album by Bruce Dickinson.
Lets start a skunkworks
#innovation #research #development #project #group
by PoetryRaven March 19, 2009
Did you taste those burgers, they were real skunkworks
#skunkworks #skunk works #skunkwork #skunk-work #scunkwork
by Desparatestudent February 25, 2009
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