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Refers to a project in development by a small group of people mainly for innovation.
Also is an official alias for the Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Programs and the name of a heavy metal album by Bruce Dickinson.
Lets start a skunkworks
by PoetryRaven March 19, 2009
When an underage girl goes to a park, lane or other secluded area after school, still in her uniform, pulls down her trousers and knickers, bends over and invites anyone to come along and have sex with her from behind.
In Skunning culture, it is understood that the girl is offering herself freely to anyone regardless of age. This can make girls an easy target for paedophiles and many believe it promotes paedophilia.
Skunning is often referred to as “dogging for kids”.
Started in England and Wales, now being reported in other European countries, notably France and Norway.
Underage girl: I'm going skunning tonight
by PoetryRaven March 14, 2009
A South-Walian term for an attractive woman.
Look at her, what an ishkabab!
by PoetryRaven March 14, 2009
A term for something which is nice while cold at the same time. Often referring to a food or drink.
Pronounced nice-icle (as in icicle).
Person: This soda is niceicle.
by PoetryRaven August 26, 2009
Someone who promises salvation in order to enslave people. The term is a conglomeration of the words saviour and slaver.
Person 1: "Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour?"
Person 2: "No, he was just a Slaviour."
by PoetryRaven January 25, 2010
A compliment meaning an underage girl who is sexy in pictures online. Used to encourage young girls to post sexualized pictures of themselves online.

Such girls usually tag the pictures with the term (cutebait) in order to gain the attention of people to comment using the term or other such compliments.

To qualify for the term the pictures usually must either reference the girl's age or show some proof of her general age, such as a school uniform.
Term comes from the term jailbait.
Girl: Am i cutebait in this picture?
by PoetryRaven February 18, 2010
Term describing a person who uses social networking sites to post information that could be used by stalkers to do the person harm.
This information could be home address details, current location or contact details.

Going beyond "attention seeking", this term describes behavior that seems to almost desire bad things to happen to the poster. Similar to the term death wish.
She keeps on posting her current location, she must have a violation wish!
by PoetryRaven February 28, 2010
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