1) Literally, one who fucks skulls.

2) In more recent usage, lame ass trendsters who have hopped on the latest trend of wearing clothing with skull and skeleton motifs. They range from the 98 pound emo dude who sits behind you in math class, to "hip-pop" superstars like Diddy and Souja Boy. What they all have in common is un-originality. Skull and skeleton motifs on clothing were originally a staple of skater/hardcore/punk circles, and even gangsta rap as evidenced by Ice Cube in his classic 1992 video "Wicked". But then the "Pirates of the Carribbean" movies came out and suddenly "skulls were cool" and everyone and their momma were wearing clothing with skulls and skeletons on them. The truth is they are all part of the sheepherd jumping on a trend and only show how mindless and unoriginal they are. When you see R&B boytoys, hip-poppers, 14 year old girls, scenesters, wannabe pirates, bros, and rebel wannabes, etc. all following the same trend, you know this fad is just about over.
1) Watch out for that skullfucker or you'll wake up missing an eyeball.

2) Billy though he was hip and trendy in his skeleton ribcage hooded sweatshirt, but all he proved was that he was just another mindless skullfucker with no originality.
by D.L. Crosse March 28, 2008
Top Definition
Skullfucker (S'ck~uhll.fuh'ckurr) adj. Skullfuckery, verb. Skullfuck m/f Skullfucker:

A 'skullfucker' is someone who fucks you in the skull. Either in the eye socket, or mouth, or anywhere else where the penis can penetrate the skull, such as a hole smashed in the back of the skull with a hammer so you can feel the brains on your cock and shoot semen directly onto the area that gives people horrifying nightmares of dicks entering their skulls and shooting semen into their brains to impregnate them with the children of the master race of skullfuckers.
Suzy's a slut, she'll give you skull for weed.

Ashley skulled me all night till I busted in her throat.

Ethel has a glass eye so I skullfucked her socket and lubed it up with my semen for her glass eye. HAHAHAHAHAHA!
by D Pereira December 30, 2003
it means what it suggests. fucking someone in the face with no respect to the recipitant.
e.g. instead of a girl sucking your cock, you fuck her mouth until she crys or vomits. (eithers good)
by onecleanpunch November 29, 2003
A person who sticks his penis in a person's eye.
You remember that one eyed chick? She loved to be skull fucked.
by Michael O. November 20, 2004
a problem that baffles the mind usually while tripping on acid. OR a penis in the eye ear or nose
by crap magnet May 25, 2003
A group of extremely rad, extremely scene kids. Most likely seen hanging out in scummy bars downtown. Goes to many shows. Also has tendency to be cursed out. Especially by ten year olds with street gangs. Makes friends with all bands they meet. Usually wear skinny jeans so tight they can't scratch itches on their legs. Or run. Or they'll rip.
Sit on thier bestfriend so he can kiss their ass. Wear band tees, and write "FUCK ME" on their hands. Myspace whores by day, show hoppers by night. PLay miserable at best on piano. WARNING: may cause sudden urges to have h0t, unprotected S3XXX.

*Bends over sterling's face* kiss my ass, sterling!
what you laughing at, white boy?!
*elias winks at nora for telling him to fuck her* *nora melts on the scummy bar floor*
brit gets held back and gets seperated from skullfucker tribe by n00b from step up productions.
omg, i have the sudden urge to play nintendo!
by scene kid 101 class of 2009 April 05, 2008
An offensive term of a psychiatrist. A professional who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.
That skullfucker tried to get me to talk about myself even though he is a complete stranger to me.
by SoulChain January 22, 2014
Skullfucking is just another name for intense oral sex where the "top" takes the lead and actually fucks the mouth until he shoots his load.
These two guys took turns skullfucking me until they both shot huge loads in my mouth and throat.
by Letmeworshipit June 26, 2005
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