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A bootlegger of mythical proportions; famed for the great run of Homecoming '07 in which 5 runs were made in 2 hours. Some of his other notable triumphs include passing out in a snowbank and getting thrown in the drunk tank, passing out at a party and getting painted black with sharpies, and having rough sex with BM. Although extremely dirty and a notorious clinger, he is regarded as one of the most respected and hilarious characters in Dryden history.
A:"What do you have to drink?"
K:"I think I'm gonna get a 2-4, but I have no one to buy for me"
A: "We should hit up Pizza Hut. Skrads is probably workin"
<At Pizza Hut>
K: "Skrads, can you buy me a 2-4?"
S: "Where ya drinking tonite?"
by Drydenite08 August 21, 2009
A "skrad" is a footballing tecnhique which is extremely hard to master. To perform a "skrad" the ball most roll down the shin bone before it is kicked.
Did you see the game last night?
No? What happened?
Drogba scored a skrad!
Really? That's brilliant!
by stant.the.bant July 14, 2010

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