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A racist and derogatory term used to name a self identifying ethnic Macedonian. This applies not only to people from the Republic of Macedonia, but ethnic Macedonians living in Greece, Australia, Canada and the US.

It is used mostly in a racist context (such as Sherman's post above).

This racist mentality is not only common amongst citizens of Greece, but also greeks around the world. It has much to do with the fact that the Greek government also supports such racism and helps to propagate it.
The best examples of racism with the term are in Sherman's post above.

A typical example of the phrase is something like

You fucking Skopian gypsie.
by mkdau November 27, 2007
Term used to describe the hybrid country of slavic Bulgarian and Albanian racial groupings. Their most famous achievements include the theiving of the Macedonian component of Hellenic culture, the gathering of Jews for the Nazis during World War II, the mass murder of Serbs during WWI as well as the genocide of Greeks for the crime of being real Macedonians during numerous wars.
Adolf Hitler was very shocked yet impressed with the killing abilities of the Skopians.
by Sidney Worther March 27, 2008
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