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An illustrated poem.

The poem is generally short - maximum 5 verses - and amusing. The accompanying picture is invariably a simple sketch, in a cartoon style. Skoem is a fusion of the words SKetch and pOEM.

A skoem is generally personal and will relate to a funny or bizarre incident.

Skoems are often sent on special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas to loved ones.
Example of text from a skoem:

My Bird is a real stunner,
I reckon She’s the best ;
The only Girl in Wotty-Loo
With rotating breasts !

She whirls them in the morning,
And twirls them fast at night,
Her aureoles go flying around
At the speed of light

One day I bought some tassels,
A little risky, perhaps
But I got some glue, and with much ado,
Affixed them to her baps.

Once she got them spinning,
They made a frightful sound,
And then, like a pink Chinook,
She lifted off the ground !

Oh, my Northern Bird has flown away,
Buzzed-off to pastures new,
I miss her tricks and high-speed nips,
Bah, damn that super glue !

The above text would be accompanied by a basic pencil sketch of a woman , dressed only in a thong, flying through the air, her nipple tassels rotating wildly like airplane propellers.
by Da Jazzzzman Cometh November 11, 2009
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