1. (n): A tiny amount; a little bit; a miniscule adjestment

2. (Adj) Skoatchy: Suspicious, perplexing, etc.

3. (v): A general, all-purpose action; A word to use when you're not sure what you did (Skoatched, Skoatching, Skoatches); To adjust by a small amount
Hey man! I have no room here! Will you move over just a skoatch? Thanks.

That big white van that says "Candy" looks tempting, but also a bit skoatchy.

Boom! Headshot! I Skoatched ya real good!

Could you skoatch over just a bit? Thank you!
by _SHHS_ January 21, 2012
The past-participle for the word sketch.
Dude 1: Man i smoked a blunt with that dudes grandma last night.
Dude 2: Skoatch bro!
by Bradolf Pittler January 24, 2010

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