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A disease caused when not having eaten the cookies called chocobillies for an extended period of time. Basically, its getting over the addiction of the cookies. It comes in multiple stages, and its quite terrible at times, just like stopping any other addiction. Includes Depression
"With the lack of chocobillies, our lunch table broke out with a terrible disease of Sklaritis, going through all the stages."
by DampitGuy February 16, 2011
A terrible disease that includes the worst sore throat you'll ever have, and rashes. It may be mono or strep, we weren't sure. Version 1.0 Comes with the flu symptoms for a day, then the most unbearable sore throat of your life with constant fever. Version 2 isn't as bad, but more of a nasty head-cold. There are more versions to come.
Poor Shannon got Sklaritis 2.0
by Sklaritis February 07, 2011
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