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Drink invented by Homer Simpson. Consists of beer and Skittles.
Homer: "I'm feelin' low, Apu. You got any of that beer that has candy floating in it, you know, Skittlebrau?"
Apu: "Such a product does not exist, sir! You must have dreamed it."
Homer: "Oh. Well then just gimme a six-pack and a couple of bags of Skittles."
by The Tangoman October 24, 2004
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A mixed drink containing cheap beer and skittles. Can be found in some 33¢ stores in Springfield
Homer: I'm feeling kinda low, Apu. Got any of that beer that has candy floating in it? Some Skittlebraü.
Apu: Such a product does not exist, sir. I think you must have dreamed it.
Homer: Oh. Then just give me a six pack and a couple of packets of Skittles.
by Aaron Rodriguez June 22, 2004
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