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A rare and often fatal disease of the skin, usually localized in the large extremities of the body. Skinosis is characterized by a rapid and prolonged deterioration of skin cells; a common skinosis patient will have several black or brown patches of decayed (or decaying) skin distributed sporadically around the area of infection.

Although not contagious, studies have shown that skinosis has a fatal tendency to spread throughout the patient's body in a remarkably short period of time; often resulting in a complete loss of skin, and, ultimately leading to grotesque, saucy-red zombie-like patients; very close in appearance to some more severe burn victims.

To this date there is no known cure for skinosis. Doctors and scientists around the world are currently working round the clock for a remedy, but thus far have made little progress. If you do happen to contract skinosis, consult a physician immediately. Depending on the severity of the case you may have to have a body part amputated to cut off the infection at the source.
Doctor: "Mr. Jones, your test results came in; they don't look good. I'm afraid you have skinosis... of the skin."

Patient: "Skinosis of the skin?! That's the worst kind!"
by Chrishack August 07, 2005

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