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-A shortened version of the word "eskimo". Used amongst other eskimo tribal members (eskimo gangsters).

History-"Skimos" are northern Eskimos who migrated east and are dispersed throughout Colorado and Tennessee. Gang affiliated and also in an alliance with a gang known as "the brotherhood"

"Hey man watch out, that be a skimo"

"Skimo's! we ride north!"

"Screw South Side Scrubs! Its N side Skimo for life homes"
by Skimo Penguin October 28, 2011
a person that can give awesome sex, and an excellent friendship. Also is a short and sweet name for Eskimo.
That girl/guy is a complete skimo!
by IMaSkiMO January 23, 2004
Extreme withdrawl from skiing/ski racing.
I'm going to go cut myself with my tuning kit because I haven't skiied in so long! I feel so skimo!
by skimoskiracer March 24, 2009
Skimo is a musical genre invented by Byron (of the band Byron's Lines) to describe his music. The word itself is derived from three main roots: Emo (a musical genre), Ska (another musical genre), and Matt Skiba (the lead singer of Rock group Alkaline Trio).

In recent years Skimo has been used more and more to reference the more "pure" Rock&Roll songs in the B/L canon: Cardboard Cutouts, You Were Right, Using Me; and the quintessential B/L, Knife.
"Too bad there's no skimo groups now that Byron's Lines broke up."
by Byron Pennyworth January 18, 2009
ANother name for calling a girl a hoe..

if u dont want her to know your calling her a hoe
call her skimo she will be confused
guy-hey james jessica is such a skimo for what she did last nite

guy2- i know man such a skimo

girl-whats a skimo ..

guy- u lol
by skateboard shawty June 07, 2009
An alakan Person who is related to eskimos and such
Wow Look at that skimo!
by Shizzyasha January 23, 2004
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