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To cross a crowded dance floor whilst also swaying to avoid fellow dancers, often with drinks in hand.
I'm just gonna skimble across the dancefloor to the toilets.
by Dreamlodge February 04, 2010
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Verb : To confuse with nonsense. To abandon all pretence of normality. e.g. by telling yor boss that you "exist in a world beyond his imagination". Or you might skimble someone by just showing them your arm and saying "Chen matrix?". The "skimbled" party will become so confused that the "skimbler" gains the upper hand.
"Everyone has handed in their essays, except you Martin. Where is it?".
"Well Mrs. Truncheon, I am so enveloped in twan at the moment that my quunch has become sodden with pantrack! Please excuse my shint mother Abraham!".
"Christ Martin, you've skimbled my skan, You gentle monkey."
by Liquidsmoke August 29, 2008
v. To damage, destroy, or lose, either accidentally, through play, or out of mischief.

adj. "Skimbled"; something which has been damaged in this way.

Skimble, from "Skimbleshanks", the name of a cat in the musical "Cats". The name was given to a house cat prone to such mischief, and by extension to the mischief itself.
"The cat has skimbled my knitting--again!"
by Elisabeth Calben July 01, 2004

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