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1) One who has skill beyond comprehension, generally more skilled than peers, often of high intelligence and likely to obsess about locating misplaced poo in public toilets. Most Skillians rush home to listen to police scanners in pursuit of new gossip. Much loved and highly inappropriate. Only one genuine Skillian has been located in Victoria.

2) Skillians are regarded very highly and are far superior to low level 'award winners'. Skillians are above formal award and laugh discreetly at those who require awards for validation.
1) Skillian: "Oh quick Abbey, Mel, there's a phantom poo on the wall in the first cubicle!"

2) Damian: "Hey Skillian, I have a Child Protection Award!"

Skillian: "(gentle giggle) Yes Damian, you are wonderful, I am above that."
by Ben Factor June 23, 2011
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