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1. Skirt; to skirt is to haul ass, this would be considered a quick SKIRT.
2. Skiii...irt NEXT!; To Skiii...irt NEXT! is to leave a situation that you just ain't feelin'
3. Simple skirt; to give a signal
1. Stacey: hey Amber, is that the police?
Amber: yuuup
Stacey and Amber: SKIRT!!!!
2. When some dumbass dude wants to sit around watching some boring ass movies all night and your tryin' to get your drunk on .....Skiii...irt NEXT! is the phrase you would use in that situation as your walking out of the door. All skirts are pretty quick.
3. When your out with your friends and you hear or say "skirt", everyone that knows you well knows it's time to GO!
by Stacey and Amber August 21, 2007
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