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Used to describe being high. Specifically in public places where saying "I'm blazed" or "I'm so high right now" would be inappropriate. A great alternative to use with you and your buddies to know your state of mind.
"Dude I am so unbelievably skiid right now." (Lady working at Subway has no idea). "For real man? I'm a little skiid."
by A. Olsen July 31, 2006
when you are so zooted that you fail
Hebert got skii'd as a bitch and got knocked the fuck out by g.b.
by preezingtonham December 08, 2008
An undiscovered group of Aliens
Human1:"Shit is its those Skiid"
Skiid1:"Hello we are the Skiid, bow before us mere mortals"
by TC and Alex December 26, 2007
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