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To wiggle with skill.
A hockey player may skiggle to sneak by defenders and make a fast break toward the goal. Just as a football player may juke left or right, to shake off defenders as he rushes toward the end zone.
by Ray Brown January 10, 2008
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The act of 'Skeeting' (i.e. ejaculating, cumming, etc.) and 'Giggling' simultaneously.
Christopher makes Vincent "skiggle".
by Cas'th Goval April 04, 2006
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the dark side of the word squiggle, a more kick ass version.
Used in this scenario:
Me: rainbow colored squiggles
Kelly: EW!!
Me: ok then, dark skiggle of death
Kelly: YAY *so kick ass...*
by VilleValosPoisonGirl July 26, 2007
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