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To wiggle with skill.
A hockey player may skiggle to sneak by defenders and make a fast break toward the goal. Just as a football player may juke left or right, to shake off defenders as he rushes toward the end zone.
by Ray Brown January 10, 2008
The act of 'Skeeting' (i.e. ejaculating, cumming, etc.) and 'Giggling' simultaneously.
Christopher makes Vincent "skiggle".
by Cas'th Goval April 04, 2006
the dark side of the word squiggle, a more kick ass version.
Used in this scenario:
Me: rainbow colored squiggles
Kelly: EW!!
Me: ok then, dark skiggle of death
Kelly: YAY *so kick ass...*
by VilleValosPoisonGirl July 26, 2007