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being fired. a common phrase in oil and gas and skilled trades
Fuck sakes, a week away from my permanent posting and the fuckers skidded me. I'm off to the peelers to get sloshed.
by Farbutte Sequatraine November 11, 2016
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Verb form of being 'hacked' by a script kiddie
No Greg the CIA didn't hack you it sounds like you used a stupid password and got skidded on.
by derpy_hooves August 11, 2011
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To be very drunk and near the point of shit-faced. Referring to an almost black-out state of intoxicated.
"Yo bro, I was skidded last night"

"What the f*** man, what did you do?"
"I vomited on my pizza and ate it"
by pittipoops February 11, 2017
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