A term used to define gringos(as) with a redneck accent.
You're such a skew!
by thatonebownkid August 29, 2011
Something that is wrecked/bad.
My car's skewed mang.
by ryguy28 November 13, 2007
Something used on the penis to make it slippery, wet, and larger. Also used as a preventative of pregnancy.
Condoms are for boys. When you're a man, you use SKEW.

1. Ew dude you use condoms?
2. Yea?
1. They take away all the feeling tho.
2. But what else can I use?
1. SKEW! It makes your dick larger and prevents babies.
by VstepN April 04, 2010
stupid, dumbass, worthy of getting punched in the balls, monkey, the action of getting punched in the balls
your so skew, your such a skew, GAH YOU SKEWED ME!
by will and taylor October 04, 2004
A lame word used to attempt to describe cool things EVEN THOUGH skew is still dumb.
I hope you skew up your life!
by Eril Mondal July 02, 2009
meaning ew came from peterlee, north east england,
skew!! how u doing? inabit skew meaning see you later ew
by lisa marley April 16, 2005

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