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A sketchy person, someone you don't trust.
Person 1: hey, look at that sketchmeister following.

Person 2: dude, that's my dad.

Person 1: sorry, bro.

Person 2: No, your right he is a skechmeister.
by iluvlaughing March 16, 2010
a girl who does sketchy things. Girls can do many things to earn the term of being dubbed a sketchmister. In other words. If you are a female, do not fuck up. If you do then guys will be able to call you a sketchmeister in a derogatory fashion.
Amanda and I were having a fun time one night together just hanging out. At ten o'clock she says, "Im going go hang out with a couple and go tping at twelve thirty tonite" Me and my buddy were like ok. Thats a really random and sketchy thing to do. After she said this, she was officialy the first sketchmeister.
by William Coe May 23, 2006
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