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A trick in any board sport (Snowboarding, Wakeboarding) that is executed but doesnt look very good.

The opposite of steez

Arms will probably flail about
not very high air and also bad and sloppy landing

Snowboarder 1: Did you just see that Back 7

Snowboarder 2: I did but with those arms flailing and the sloppy landing it was Sketch-Nasty
by Steezy McE-Z March 21, 2008

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1. (adj.) sketchy and/or nasty.
along the same lines as sicknasty, except to describe something that is more sketchy.

2. (n) a person who is sketchy and nast

1. that old creepy stalker is really sketchnasty

2. get away from me, you sketchnasty!
by katherineee October 23, 2007