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A very sketchy person. One who does sketchy things or acts in a sketchy manner- a sketch.

Coined at Carrboro High School in 2009 by the Quiz Bowl team when a sketchy member brought three small, highly suspect blueberry muffins that potentially contained marijuana. They were later sold to the general public.
That dude came to school high as a kite. What a sketch-muffin.

That couple has been in that janitor's closet for 15 minutes. They are two sketch-muffins.

This man is a sketch-muffin as he has not bathed in three weeks and smells like vomit.
by superbran December 27, 2010
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Something/someone that is creepy and utterly discomforting to the extreme.
That guy standing in the back of the woods with a black hoodie staring at us and licking his lips is a sketchmuffin.
or you can simply say, "Sketchmuffinnnn!"
by elk992 February 26, 2009
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