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The ghetto slang for the word scared
Im not skerd of u Halee!!
by Nick "not skerd" Ridgeway September 08, 2010
8 1
Scared, Frightened
Is you skerd?
by Havoc June 22, 2003
47 3
Scarred worried
Yo, this hook skerds white peeps
by phizz March 28, 2003
14 3
Also see Skurrd, Hurruh and Over Therruh

Dallas's way of deforming words to separate themselves from other Texas cities.
'You skurrd? why you skurrd? dont be skurrd?'
by Dont-Be-Skurrd June 12, 2004
7 10
The way black people say "scared" because they don't know proper grammar. And they're black.
"I aint skerd a you crackas" said the nigger.

made by zach, tyler, and kyle
by zachzk14 January 18, 2011
5 13
Word used to describe a skater nerd hence a skerd.
Wow I cant believe that skerd just pulled off that trick!
by Sammi May 26, 2005
4 17