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An abbreviated version of the words "Skeety Ho". Means a person, female, who is both a skeet and a ho. General characteristics include skimpy clothing and a whoreish as well as skeety nature. May be seen smoking, drinking, doing drugs, holding up the walls of run down convience stores, giving blow jobs, ect.

Also, the type of cereal a skeet would eat if skeets ate cereal.
Bill : Man, did you see those chicks over there smoking it up with their pimps? Their skirts were so short I wasn't sure if they had anything on! They're total fuckin skeetios.

John : Fuck ya man, it's awesome.

Bill : Damn straight.


Skeet : Shit, I'm hungry. I'ma get me some skeetios. *om nom nom nom* Yumm.
by WhyHelloThere. May 24, 2009

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