Scavenge, to acquire by stealth and cunning
To scavenge supplies
by the duke November 24, 2004
Top Definition
To scavenge.
Can I skav a lift from you tomorrow?
Mate, can I skav a smoke?
by Jinxx June 30, 2003
A group of university students who are socially retarded and unable to interact in modern day society. They are further handicapped due to there dictorial bitchy leader who is by far the most socially awkward. YOU DON'TWANT TO BE SKAVS
'No don't take that snapchat, we ain't SKAVS'
'Go make some friends, I don't want my daughter to be a SKAVS'
'I want to be SKAVS, tell my man shut up'
by Lamalaja May 02, 2016
A bloody stupid word that is spelt wrong.
It is used by chavs and generally lazy people.

Alternatively it means to scavenge.

I suppose that it could mean skater/chav if you want to use it in that context.
Haha that guy is a twat. He used the word skav.

That prick just Skav'd my condoms. Incidently, you cannot fathom the immensity of the fuck that i do not give.

Look at that skav. Or chav. Whatever i don't fucking know, just shut up.
by Where are my earmuffs? August 25, 2010
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