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Anyone who hates the skateboarding community out of stereotypes and bigotry. Usually either a Narc (Yard duty, law enforcement, fuzz) or a (hate to label) prep, Gangsta, or in general any narrow-minded person who doesn't understand the hardships or rich culture of the skateboarding community.

I have actually heard stoner and skater being tossed around as insults.

They just don't understand the only thing Skateboarding has in common with smoking is we both do what we love which is more than most people can say.
A few people i know: Ugh I hate skateboarders!

ME (only humoring them because I know that they're bigots): oh, and why is that?

AFPIK: Because they are idiots/wear girl pants/are all the same

Me: Bigot. You wouldn't understand even if I explained it to you. In a nutshell, it would flood your narrow understanding of the world. You damn skatist. How would you like it if I said American Eagle was gay? Well, its no secret.

AFPIK:... Damn
by ratm rat March 17, 2007
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