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1. A skateboarder who also rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle to keep up with the latest trend. 2. A skateboarder who rides a fixed geared bicycle to keep up with the latest trend. 3. A skateboarder who can't just rip his/her skateboard but also has to grow a beard and/or mustache, to be cool and keep up with the latest trend. 4. A skateboarder who's style and grace carries no salvation so poser tactics are then added to their routine to ensure the approval of fellow "Skatefags". 5. A skateboarder who does anything the ASR (action sports retail) industry says is cool regardless of any pre-existing skills or talent, style and grace.
"Despite the loud slap of his lofty lean-to-tail and the amplified static of grinding the fire-cracker pool coping, Johnny could not get a sponsorship or get a date with the dirty girl from Oregon without being a Skatefag". (loud Harley Davidson riders are usually referred to as "fags")
by Antimarket October 26, 2010
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