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Pictures or Videos of Alexander Skarsgard-known to fans as Askars or just Skars, that invoke all kinds of shameless fangirl panty flinging/OMG'ing/squeeing/fainting/blogging/moaning/skargasms/multitude of other reactions to their Viking Worshipping.

The pics/vids do not have to be naked-although those are rampant-as we know Askars is not shy or embarrassed about his Viking Studliness.
SVB: Did you see the lastest pics of Askars I posted on my blog today?

VWL: OMG-where did you find those pics?! My friend is going to have a skargasm when she sees this week's Skarsporn!!

Q: Do you know where I can find some good Skarsporn?
A: Check out all the links on my blog to all the Alexander Skarsgard Fansites & Blogs..they're filled with sexy pics!!
by VampiresWeLove March 05, 2010
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