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A person who follows these ideals:

1. Be yourself an don't let anyone change that

2. Live life as crazy as you want

3. keep your friends close to you

4. Loyalty

5. Never judge someone on first appearance

I've knoticed that skarekrowes usually wear black with orange or red and wear trenchcoats (but only when its cold). Its hard for me to tell the difference between a skarekrowe and a cyber punk and/or juggalo. sometimes they even look like punks or goths...i guess you just gotta ask'em what they are..
My friend tom, who provided the info, along with cassey, who is a skarekrowee, along with my friends Joh, Mick, Larry and Burnadette, who are all also skarekrowes.
by Dan R. October 27, 2005
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