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A slightly less disgusting version of "Skank"
You drive her 35 miles to a Vacation give away at a mexican retaurant, and while you're paying the bill she slips her number to a bricklayer from Lodi. you catch the final moment of the handoff and she can't figure out why the ride home is silent.
Her babydaddy bolted from the relationship when he discovered the Skanque blowing another guy in the public toilet at a Sammy hagar concert.
by Greg Trayne September 22, 2007
15 9
unlike the similar word skank, skanque implies that the person has or is expected to have class, but still acts in a skanky manner. a girl from a rich family who acts like a skank, but still expects to be treated as if she has class or as a VIP.
That rich-girl, Paris H, is such a skanque!
by c lawrence September 23, 2005
88 12
Another way of spelling skank.
Please see: skank
She is a total skanque!
by j0nni March 29, 2005
16 15
A French girl who is a skank.
That French girl is such a Skanque!
by Carlos A March 27, 2008
10 19