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A congregation of skanks.
1: "I enjoy the company of women who give in easily to solicitation of sexual intercourse, with no regard to the repercussions of being overly promiscuous."

2: "Well theres a skankfest at the mall, since there is a sale at (whatever store whores shop at)."

1: "Scrumtrelescent, I'm getting my keys and cologne."
#whores #skanks #sluts #female celebrities #cleveage
by Jack Klugman April 07, 2007
An object, room, person or situation skanky (disgusting) to the point of resembling a festival of skank.
This kitchen is such a skankfest, The plates are covered in mould, rats and STIs.

I have four days worth of nightclub stamps on my hands, I am such a skankfest.
#skank #skankrat #rank #male housemates #student
by arfarfarfarf March 11, 2009
A bunch of hoe's more than a few females hanging out out the sameplace acting in the manner of a hoe.
This nightclub is just one big white hoe skank fest.
#skank #hoe #whore #hooker #female
by Clucth Haskins September 12, 2007
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