A person (particularly slutty girls) that wear too much makeup on their face and dress in inappropriate apparel.

Or a person that displays a deceiving facial expression.
Kitty: "Hey, what's up skank face?"

Paprika: "Oh my gosh, is it really that obvious??"
by RebelAgainstAll93 February 21, 2012
Top Definition
A slutty bitch. Always looks like a whore, has no self-respect and tries to get guys that she knows she cant have!
Aubrey O'Day: Last seen at a club in N.Y. trying to hookup with the talented and succesful Jesse McCartney, he is way too good for that skankface.
by Shannon Kelly May 27, 2008
adj. - The look/facial expression on a girl's face that she can easily manipulate, so when she meets your parents, they will think she is the sweetest girl, however, when you bring her around your boys, they realize that she is a complete freak in the sheets. Other females completely hate on this type of girl because they cannot pull it off themselves.
Morgan: "Why is Larry with that skankface? She looks like such a slut."
Brandon: "Damn she's a freak, why can't I find a chick like that? She'd let me hit it all night, plus my mom would love her."
by HeadPoolieInCharge June 20, 2010
a really good insult for someone who is a skank...
also used as an endearing term
skankface didnt call me!
ugh! she is such a skankface
by yacklin March 28, 2005
A slut, a tramp, any girl who ALWAYS looks like a whore and has something hanging out, tits, ass, cooter something!

Frequently takes random guys home even if they are somebody else's brother, boyfriend, dad, husband etc. it doesnt matter to this MEGAWHORE she has no self respect.

She especially likes current or ex boyfriends and husbands of people she knows.

She is probably in a bathroom stall with your man right now!

also see "ho bag"
PJ - Hey Becky the girl is over there talking to your man hangin all over him.

Becky - If that skank face doesn't get her tits out of his face I'm gonna stab her.

Wow look at the girl on stage with a a skirt on and underwear all up in her ass for everyone to see, what a skank face


Jeez that girl goes home with a new dude everynight, what a skank face
by BeckysManSlave September 13, 2009
The face a girl makes when you ask what her name is mid-coitus.
A: I was banging this broad and didn't know her name, so I asked her while we were fucking and all she did was give me a weird look.
B: Yeah, that was the skank face.
by ImPulse618 January 16, 2012
1) Facial expression designed to indicate extreme displeasure at chach bag. The lower region of the face must be distorted in a manner that makes the offender know they just got skanked.

2) The only appropriate way to react to a chach face.
"When he started being an ass, I put on my best skank face.

"Oh no, I think she just gave you the skank face."

by Lcross April 13, 2008
Someone whose face looks skanky
Samantha is such a skankface
by Arcanian12 November 03, 2010
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