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Similar to the definitions of skank, a skankaroo is more extreme either way. It can be an insult or a compliment depending on how it's used. The word contains both good and bad qualities that are strongly expressed when used properly.
Suzie: "How do i look in this outfit Mary Jane?"
MJ: (smirks) "Your such a skankaROO!"
Suzie: (giggles) "Thanks!"

"That woman in customer service didn't even help at all, she's such a skankaroo!!"

"You skankaroo, get over here and get this done right now!"
by TH6 April 28, 2006
a kangaroo that is a skank. normally a female, often dressed up in cutoff shorts, neon crop tops, tons of makeup, etc.
"Guess what i saw today!"


"A skankaroo"

"Woah, did you gets its number, like was it hot?!?!"
by kykysimsimyo June 27, 2012
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