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Skank Wranglers, as seen at any event where paid-for-appearing good-looking women are escorted through crowds, The escort is the Skank wrangler, that is, a old and/or weird dude who shows the skanks where to go, keeps them on schedule, and mostly keeps the riff-raff from getting too close.

The Skank wrangler is usually a bit foppish, nebbish or weird. He needs to be odd enough that the marks for the Skanks retail good looks don't see the Skank wrangler as competition for the wrangled skanks potential affections.
The Skank Wrangler had his figurative hands full trying to wrangle blonde triplets through NASCAR pit lane.
by Wrangler of Skanks August 14, 2011
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The skank wrangler is the wrangler of skank.

Skank wrangling is when a guy has wrangled skank with him. I.e. he has women in tow who would otherwise not be around him.. e.g. the ugly,geeky guy at a car show who has a couple of wannabe porn-star promo-girl skank types with him (even if they don't actually think it but dress like it anyway) .. as if he was Ron Jeromy or something.

The most important aspects though, are that the skank wrangler must think he is cool and that others are looking at him thinking: "man, he is cool", when in fact the opposite is always the case. The other aspect is the skank wrangler can NOT actually be getting any of that action.

If a guy is truly cool and has the women wrapped around his finger and is getting action then he is NOT a skank wrangler. He is just cool (or a good lier).
Man see that dude over there with the hot chick with long legs... what a skank wrangler.
by front October 04, 2006
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