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Excessively, unnecessarily and confusingly arrogant. A former frat boy that now desperately clings to his 20's as he goes deeper into his 30's. He feels the need to constantly remind (much to the chagrin) everyone around him, including strangers and friends, about how 'awesome' he is.
Can you believe that guy is wearing three pastel polo shirts with all of the collars popped; what a skanch!
by blueammo April 22, 2011
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Sk ANE ch:
1.)Describes a female that appears unclean with loose morals.

2.)A female with no sense of self respect
3.)A slut/skank that is extra "trashy"
I Can't believe you went to the club with Tanya.......Man, that girl is Skanchy!

by A.Enraged April 29, 2008
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That girl is such a skanch.
by Casey August 06, 2004
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evolution of skoach.

A sound effect usually used to accompany an action which is beneficial to you but detrimental to your opponent/friend/mother.
in a game of chess you move you queen into checkmate position while exclaiming "SKANCH!"
by Jack Skirianos December 02, 2004
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Someone who has a boring sedentary lifestyle, and spends most of their time at work or on their computer. Sometimes referred to as a skank with a side of ranch.
Jake is the biggest jalopy skanch in all of Savannah.
by J.Tomp July 12, 2009
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Skanch is a pejorative term for a person (usually female) who is more sexually promiscuous than is deemed socially acceptable. The term has traditionally been applied to women and is generally used as an insult or offensive term of disparagement.
by Kelsey Brown September 19, 2006
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