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1.)Someone or something that supercedes the customary definition of being stupid.
2.)Super Duper stupid
3.)Stupid to the hundredth power
1.)That girl is so retarded, she's tatarded!

2.)Oh My God, Jack was just standing there and just fell over, like gravity tripped him up or something. Man, that dude's tatarded!
by A.Enraged April 29, 2008
Sk ANE ch:
1.)Describes a female that appears unclean with loose morals.

2.)A female with no sense of self respect
3.)A slut/skank that is extra "trashy"
I Can't believe you went to the club with Tanya.......Man, that girl is Skanchy!

by A.Enraged April 29, 2008
1.)term for a child that is a sort of practical Joker.
2.)an inappropiate term for an old person that is being extermely annoying.

1.) e.g. I can't believe you bathed the cat in beet juice , you little Tinker Tot, You!
2.) e.g. Be quiet and go play with your garden you old Tinker Tot!
by A.Enraged April 29, 2008
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