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Ska-P is the best spanish band u can ever hear, it has the best songs n it sings against everything that we all should be against.....VIVA SKA-P!!!!
random guy #1: What's your favorite band?
random guy #2: Ska-P of course, every1 loves Ska-P!!!!
by Gato lopez February 03, 2006
A. Defined as a girl you would hook up with but would not make your girlfriend or date for varies reasons.
B. Skap – n. Average female. Barely worthy of being noticed but in some cases acceptable for receiving brain from (see Brainable.)
C. -Bowling alley skap – The lowest form of skap, found working humiliating jobs and only narrowly passing for human. To approach one is worthy of ridicule.
“I think I once received brain from that skap.”
by March 14, 2006
1.) A word that is shrieked, spoken, whispered, or not said at all. 2.) A word substituted for any insult, such as FUCK YOU, or YOU'RE GAY.
Ex 1: (Angela walks down the street) SKAP! Ex 2: (Jeremy pokes you) SKAP!
by Angela December 23, 2003
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