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Sizerp is a mix of a cough syrup that contains codeine and some type of vodka. This combination will cause you to hallucinate.
We were sippin on that sizerp last night.
by Dhoffman October 27, 2006

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alcohol chill crunk hallucinate vodka
Mixture of codeine and cough syrup that is served martini style with alcohol.
AKA- Syrup, Sizurp
"Get at me with some that Siz-erp!"

Reference- Three 6 Mafia's song (Sippin' on some syrup)
by C_Unit November 07, 2007
Sizerp is cough syrup and vodka mixed togther. YUMMY YUMMY
Robotussin and Skyy Blu, Tylonal and Chrystal, Motrin and Brewsky, etc.
by pseudonym February 16, 2005