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An under appreciated "right hand of God" that is commonly thought to be a mortal man.

The name Sixta is used frequently in the English language to describe someone of great power or excellence beyond all others around them.

There are other comparisons in numerous amounts of literature around the world that refer to sixta while referencing the abnormal strength of Vampires and or Werwolves.
That guy is the biggest sixta that could ever live!
by CrashOverride183 May 28, 2009
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An extremely stupid illogical person. This person is usually completely unimportant and unmistakably ugly. Synonyms include crap and hobo. This person is terrible in bed and has a small dick. They also play games like soccer and take foreign exchange students to prom.
Eww I got stuck with a sixta last night.
by YOLOswag69 April 29, 2013
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