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A phrase used when a male sees something he likes, insinuating an erection.
** After an attractive girl walks by. **

Ryan: Wow, it just went from six to midnight.
by R-Deuce Shorty Smooth September 18, 2008
Slang for getting an erection. A reference to the movement of the hands of an analog clock or watch from six o'clock to midnight.
"Dude, have you seen Crosby's sister?"
"Yeah man. Six-to-midnight."
by Sucio_Sanchez November 24, 2008
Is a way to say that one has flipped his erection into his waistband. To hide the bulge.
Our waitress was so hot, after dinner i had to do a six to midnight so no one could tell.
by Frankestein September 22, 2009
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