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Phrase used to describe the putrid foul odor emanating from the ass of a man who has not showered in a few days perhaps longer.It is a culmination of ass butter, fumunda, and usually man snot as well. This can be toxic and has been fatal not to the offending person but to anyone within to close a proximity to the CRUSTY ASS and taint region of the odoriferous male.
In severe cases furniture sat on by a person smelling like a six pack of ass have had to be destroyed as there is no way to remove the stench.
1.When Bob stood up my eyes began to water and I felt sick to my stomach when the smell hit me. I began to dry heave and realized he had a severe case of six pack of ass.

2. Written on Bobs car in poop was"Six Pack Of Ass","stink ass" and some other sayings with a picture of a crusty foul looking ass.
by Psychobaby69 August 25, 2007
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