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A word used by people of questionable intellect to appear smart. As one of the larger of the commonly used English words, weighing in at a whopping four syllables, "situation" is a favorite go-to word for minorities during job interviews. Often pronounced sitch-ee-ation in this regard.
Employer: Tell me what you think you can offer this company?

Black lady: Well, I think this is a good situation for my current...uh...situation. I was in a similar situation, you know, in my previous employment ...situation...oh kaaaay?
by Poopy-face Tomato Nose February 20, 2013
6 7
used in conjunction with "like these" to express despair and/or amusement at a given occurrence.
"i've just stabbed myself in the eye with a serving utensil whilst dishing up some quiche... and just before my hot date, too"
"situations like these..."
by tree September 21, 2004
2 3
When someone is acting in an overtly intoxicated or ludicrous manner, they are a situation.
Did you see Vikki at the bar last night? She was a total situation!
by kikicoture December 22, 2008
23 319
Ned talk for when there is trouble.
"Oh shit man we've got a situation here." When they are about to get a kicking.
by Anonymous March 13, 2003
20 571